Become an Official COVID-19 Testing Provider for Your Community

Provide on-site testing for local organizations and businesses with discounted COVID-19 test kits and access to the AmpliconDist sales team.

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Providing Comes with Perks

Discounted Test Kits

Buy discounted COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test Kits from AmpliconDist. The best tests available in bulk or small quantities.

    Customized Service

    Get access to the AmpliconDist sales team and a custom web page. If you have specific needs or offer additional services, we will accommodate!

      Easy for Clients

      Our built-in scheduling system makes it easy for potential customers to connect with you, and schedule an appointment quickly.

        How to Sign Up

        Get in Touch

        Reach out to our sales team at and schedule a discovery meeting.

        Buy Test Kits

        Purchase some COVID-19 test kits from us to use in your testing.

        Customize Your Service

        Get a custom webpage and HIPAA-compliant, personal scheduling system built by our tech team.

        Start Testing

        Whether you have clients already, or want to find more, our sales team helps you grow your network.

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